The Finnish company "RVS MASTER" was established by the specialists in the field of production of repairing and restoration compositions (RRC). The company is dealing with the development, production and introduction of the modern power-saving and ecologically safe technologies of serviceability restoration and life-raising of engines of different types, industrial equipment, automobile transport.
Based on the newest science researches of Russian scientists in the nanotechnologies our company started to produce and sale the whole line of new products under the trade mark of "RVS MASTER". It consists of the complex of functionally different compositions with unique physical, chemical and tribotechnical properties.
"RVS MASTER" compositions consist of complicated complex of organo-metallic-ceramic compound (OMCC) with a hybrid structure of active elements, part of which has pronounced catalytic properties. These compositions were specially synthesized and activated in order to have both properties of ordinary natural geoactivators and geomodificators as well as cladding and chemisorptional traditional compositions. Due to this reason "RVS MASTER" compositions bring a powerful restoration, strengthening, anti-friction, antiscuffing and regenerating Controlled Effect.
"RVS MASTER" compositions are added to motor, transmission, hydraulic and other oils, but without being an oil additive. "RVS MASTER" compositions are intended for the modification and strengthening of metal surface and undersurface layers which improve the work of all units and mechanisms. It gives an opportunity to achieve in practice: friction reduction, clearance compensation, fuel economy, efficiency increasing, increasing of oil using period up to 70-80%; sharply decrease the surface destroying coercions in friction steam.



"RVS MASTER" compositions' advance is that its usage is simple and harmless. The influence process is controllable and multi-stage. In practice it helps to restore effectively and cheap the machines and mechanisms parameters lost in exploitation; provide high and steady results during running-in and normal exploitation. All "TVS MASTER" compositions have unique "know-how" compounding.

Minimal investments to materials and labor cost - high quality of work, considerable effect!

Professional RVS MASTER is a delicate and reliable instrument!

It can be used:
  • as a preventive means for the increase of details service life;
  • as a repairing composition for the restoration of wearing details;
  • as a means for tuning

    A sphere of RVS MASTER's use in an automobile is:
  • engine;
  • transmission;
  • rolling and plain bearings;
  • hydraulics;
  • fuel pump, high-pressure fuel pump.

The restorer of gasoline and diesel engines creates a protective layer of the cermet on friction surfaces. The oil pressure and compression return to normal, the service life of the whole engine increases in several times.

The restorer of mechanical and automatic gear-boxes creates a protective layer of the cermet on working surfaces of gear wheels, bearings friction surfaces, on bushes and guides of a gearing mechanism. It increases the details service life and decreases the level of noises and vibrations.

The reduction gear restorer creates a protective layer of the cermet on working surfaces of gear teeth and on bearings friction surfaces of the axles of rear-drive and full-drive automobiles. It increases details service life and reduction gear load characteristics, and decreases the working temperature, level of noises and vibrations down to 40%.

The repairing and restoration composition for a diesel fuel pump creates a protective layer of the cermet on friction surfaces, saves fuel up to 5-15%, decreases CO/HC exhaust down to 50-70%, restores the work of the plunger pair, improves the engine start.

RVS MASTER MOTOR FLUSH is used for flushing and cleaning of internal combustion engines before the oil changing. The composition makes a deep cleansing of friction surfaces and removes the wear products. It does not contain chemical solvents and it is safe for gaskets and seals. The flushing composition is used in standard driving conditions from 50 to 500 km of run.



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